Territorial Restrictions


Under the terms of this license, the company that has received it is granted the authority to conduct gambling and sports betting activities in various countries, with specific exceptions. These exceptions include countries where such activities are strictly prohibited. As of now, our company does not operate in the following countries: the United States, the Netherlands, France, Curacao, and Australia.

If any user encounters instances of our company operating in any of these prohibited countries, we encourage them to file a complaint with the regulatory commission. It is crucial to verify that our company does not hold a related license to operate in these countries.


Copy Verification System

Our Curacao Gambling Commission seal verification system is a valuable tool designed to confirm the current operational status of our company. All content, including text, graphics, and other materials displayed here, is protected by copyright laws and is subject to strict usage policies we have established.

Users are strictly prohibited from altering or modifying any information obtained through the verification system. Violators who engage in such actions will face penalties, potentially leading to the suspension of our licensing privileges.

We take copyright protection seriously and request all users to respect our policies and utilize our verification system responsibly. Your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines ensures a fair and transparent gaming environment for all.

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